Drink Liborio,


Devour our amaro without a second thought.

For those who don’t want to give up the TRUE taste of an amaro and the joy of sharing it with others.
Easily digestible, it doesn’t weigh you down but picks you up, thanks to its select ingredients, its tonic and thirst-quenching properties.
Enjoy it as is, with an ice cube,or as the base for fantastic “virgin cocktails” – any time of the day.
We prefer producing a small amount of excellent amaro, rather than a large amount of mediocre one.

The classic Sicilian amaro with a non-alcoholic twist

Amaro Liborio is not just a simple amaro.
The characteristic aromas of the Sicilian land give the amaro a floral and aromatic scent, reminiscent of the warm summer days in Sicily.

Blond Oranges

Sicilian citrus adds a fresh and fruity note, with a subtle sweet aftertaste.

Bitter Almonds

The rich and slightly bitter taste of almonds blends perfectly with the natural sweetness of the other ingredients.

Orange Blossom

A touch of sweet and delicate aroma, carrying the breeze of Sicilian gardens with it.


Provides a characteristic bitter note and a floral aroma, reminiscent of the landscapes and summer atmosphere of Sicily.

It's not just any amaro ...

In the heart of Sicily, a non-alcoholic amaro is born to satisfy even the most demanding palates. From the first sip, you can perceive its unique and unmistakable taste. An enveloping experience capable of seducing you with its smoothness and a decisive and balanced persistence on the palate.

Craft your own cocktail

Thanks to its versatile nature, Amaro Liborio is perfectly suited for creating non-alcoholic cocktails that celebrate Sicily.
Panky Hanky

“Shaken, not stirred!”

Nessun Rimorso

Bevine 47, come il conte.

Coming soon ...

We’re concocting some new potions for you. Stay tuned.


Da l’Havana a Copacabana, hasta La Libertad, siempre!

Liborio Sour

Il drink che tutti vogliono. Il drink che ora tutti possono bere.

Espresso Liborio

“Dammi un drink che mi svegli e non mi stoni.”



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