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Amaro Liborio, the heart of Sicily in a cocktail. A unique experience that blends juicy oranges, fragrant orange blossom flowers and toasted almonds, celebrating the island’s rich culinary traditions. Ideal for non-alcoholic cocktails rich in flavour, Amaro Liborio is the essence of Sicily: every sip is an invitation to discover the orange groves, sunny beaches and breathtaking Sicilian views.
Panky Hanky

“Shaken, not stirred!”

Nessun Rimorso
Drink 47, like the count.

From Havana to Copacabana, hasta La Libertad, siempre!

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Liborio Sour

The drink everyone wants. The drink that everyone can now drink.

Espresso Liborio

“Dammi un drink che mi svegli e non mi stoni.”

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