How Amaro Liborio
Came to Be

The Story of
Amaro Liborio

A Journey into the Heart of Sicily
Amaro Liborio emerges in the heart of the vibrant Sicily as an unprecedented creation, not merely an amaro but a non-alcoholic experience designed to satisfy even the most refined palates. This beverage celebrates youth and the bright Sicilian lands, the cradle of its origins, embodying the feelings that inspired its birth.

Family Tradition
and Innovation

The inception of Amaro Liborio is the result of an almost dreamlike inspiration, leading to the realization of a family project not void of challenges. This non-alcoholic liqueur, as its name suggests, evokes intense feelings of freedom and identity, deeply rooted in Sicilian culture. Its formula, the outcome of meticulous research into the island’s typical ingredients, offers a perfect blend of flavors and aromas.

The classic Sicilian amaro with a non-alcoholic twist

Amaro Liborio is not just a simple amaro.
The characteristic aromas of the Sicilian land give the amaro a floral and aromatic scent, reminiscent of the warm summer days in Sicily.

Blond Oranges

Sicilian citrus adds a fresh and fruity note, with a subtle sweet aftertaste.

Bitter Almonds

The rich and slightly bitter taste of almonds blends perfectly with the natural sweetness of the other ingredients.

Orange Blossom

A touch of sweet and delicate aroma, carrying the breeze of Sicilian gardens with it.


Provides a characteristic bitter note and a floral aroma, reminiscent of the landscapes and summer atmosphere of Sicily.

More Than a Beverage:
A Lifestyle
Amaro Liborio, non-alcoholic, gluten-free, and vegan, is the ideal choice for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of an amaro but are committed to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Its digestive and thirst-quenching qualities make it perfect at any time of the day, to be enjoyed neat or as the main ingredient in innovative non-alcoholic cocktails.


Roots & Vision

The Etneco logo, with Mount Etna dominating the scene, signifies that Amaro Liborio is not just a liqueur but a journey to discover the origins of its creator, a tribute to the roots and knowledge passed down through generations, a perfect fusion between respect for tradition and openness to innovation.

Craft your own cocktail

Thanks to its versatile nature, Amaro Liborio is perfectly suited for creating non-alcoholic cocktails that celebrate Sicily.
Panky Hanky

“Shaken, not stirred!”

Nessun Rimorso

Bevine 47, come il conte.

Coming soon ...

We’re concocting some new potions for you. Stay tuned.


Da l’Havana a Copacabana, hasta La Libertad, siempre!

Liborio Sour

Il drink che tutti vogliono. Il drink che ora tutti possono bere.

Espresso Liborio

“Dammi un drink che mi svegli e non mi stoni.”